What is Antifreeze?

Man Filling Antifreeze Fluid in His Car

What is antifreeze and what is antifreeze used for? Antifreeze is one of the key automotive fluids that keeps your car running smoothly on the South Riding and Centerville roads. The service experts at Mercedes-Benz of Chantilly are here to help you learn more about the purpose of antifreeze, as well as issues that can result from improper maintenance. Be sure to visit us at Mercedes-Benz of Chantilly for more service tips in Chantilly!



What is Antifreeze?

So, what is antifreeze? Is antifreeze coolant? Let’s break it down. Antifreeze is made from ethylene glycol or propylene glycol. Antifreeze can be an entire rainbow of hues, ranging from green to pink to orange. Most Ashburn drivers will find that green antifreeze is common but check your owner’s manual to see what you need for your particular make and model.

Now you know what is antifreeze, but is antifreeze coolant? You may hear the terms used interchangeably, but they are distinctly different. Coolant is a mixture of antifreeze and water. The most common coolant mixtures are 50% antifreeze and 50% water, but some cars need a blend of 70% antifreeze and 30% water.

What is Antifreeze Used For?

What is antifreeze used for? Antifreeze helps to regulate your engine temperature as you drive, so your powertrain doesn’t overheat. Antifreeze begins its journey by the radiator, where it is cool from the surrounding air. The water pump sends it to the hot engine, and the cool antifreeze absorbs its heat immediately. The heated antifreeze circles back to the radiator, where it is cooled again and the cycle begins once more. The cycle repeats over and over to maintain a safe temperature through even the toughest travels.

Why is Antifreeze Important?

Antifreeze is essential to maintaining your vehicle’s performance and safety. Not only does it help to prevent overheating in your engine, but it also prevents your coolant from freezing when the temperatures drop below zero. What happens if your antifreeze levels run too low? You risk damage to the following components:

  • Water Pump
  • Engine Cylinders
  • Connector Rods
  • Head Gasket

How do you know if your engine is overheating? Your hood might be hot to the touch, but you might also see steam emerging from underneath. If you notice any of these signs, be sure to contact a service center immediately.

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